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Sunday Seven – Episode 76

This Wednesday, couples everywhere will celebrate Valentine’s Day. So I was thinking about those popular little candies that come in the shape of hearts that have sweet messages printed on them in edible ink. Who comes up with those little messages? Hmm…this could very well be the topic of a Sunday Seven question. And since it’s timely, why not just do it this week!

But first, Carly, of “Ellipsis…Suddenly Carly,” was first to play last week. Congratulations, Carly!

On to this week’s question!

Come up with seven messages, naughty or nice (but not too naughty!), that you’d like to see printed on those heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candies.

Either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered “first to play,” a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)


  1. Up

    I posted this before I read the “too naughty” part of the question; if you think it’s offensive, go ahead and delete my comment. “Not too naughty” in Internet terms could be anywhere from “R-rated is okay, but not XXX” to “we’re running a daycare,” so I just used my usual standards and let the chips fall where they may.

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