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To Smell Where No One Has Gone Before…

Stories like this make me glad I added a category called “Mind-Boggling.”

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Trek movie, which will tell the pre-Enterprise story of a young James Kirk and Whatever-His-First-Name-Is Spock, there will be plenty of merchandise available.  I’m sure we’ll see posters, action figures, spaceship models, phaser guns, and all of the other “typical” attractions.

Then, there’ll be something new: Star Trek cologne.

No really.  Read it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

And not just one variety!  They are planning to produce three scents, which will be called Tiberius, Pon Farr, and Red Shirt.  Trekkers (or Trekkies, depending on your preference) will immediately recognize Tiberius as the middle name of Captain Kirk.  This explains, naturally, why he always went by “Jim.”

Pon Farr is the name of the period during which Vulcans get “the urge” and must return home to their mates like salmon in a mad dash upstream.  The name was introduced in the classic episode “Amok Time” in the original series.

Then, there’s Red Shirt, which has become a pop-culture reference to the more “expendable” types from the original series.  Any time there was a landing party, you knew someone was going to die, and it was pretty much going to be the guy you’d never seen or even heard mentioned in any earlier episode and who happened to have been unfortunate enough to be handed a red uniform shirt by the production’s wardrobe mistress.

I can’t imagine what either of the three scents would smell like, but I’m assuming Red Shirt would smell like death itself.

The big question, ladies, comes from a cool site I just found called Frisky:  “Would you date a guy who wears Star Trek cologne?

No?  Didn’t think so.

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