Trivial 10

Thursday’s Trivial Ten #5


Each Thursday, I’m posting ten random links to interesting posts or sites. If you’re struggling for something to write about, maybe you’ll find some inspiration among them.

So here are this week’s Trivial Ten:

1. Thanks, But No Thanks: We begin with a tip from my friend Ted. It’s a story of a Los Angeles little league that was about to fold because of the two familiar problems of our economy: rising costs and declining revenue. They were saved at the 11th hour by a local business…until the business got some national attention and the little league decided to return the much-needed donation. Read here to find out why.

2. Facebook Frazzlers: Are you one of the most annoying people on your friends’ list?  If you do any of these 7 things, you might be!

3. No Red Meat EVER: A new study says any amount of any kind of red meat any time is bad for you. Unless you’re a vegan — and I am not — it’s somewhat depressing news.  In fact, it’s so depressing that I want to drown my sorrows at my neighborhood Outback!

4. On Second Thought…: In response to the “red meat is bad no matter what” reports, some are saying, “Hold your horses!”  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  If you’re a carnivore, this story might make you feel a bit better.

5. No More Appointments:  Once, when NBC was #1 — remember that? — there was “appointment TV.”  Now in this digital internet age, it’s not about appointments, but relationships.

6. Trapped by Perfect: My friend Ted wrote a great piece incorporating some teaching our pastor has been doing the past few weeks, and applied it to his own writing.  Are you ever trapped by perfect?

7. Viral Before Viral Was Ever Heard Of: Remember planking and other odd poses that went viral?  Well, “hunkerin’” had ‘em all beat.  It was a fad from the late 1950s that spread through college campuses, only not nearly as fast since Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet, yet.  Don’t believe me?  Mental_Floss, the greatest magazine ever, has the photo proof from another fine magazine.

8. Can He Bill the Mayans? What if those crazy Mayans are right, and 2012 really is the year that the world ends?  If you’re this guy, you have nothing to worry about, because you’ve shelled out a whopping amount of money to protect yourself from Armageddon.  Theoretically, of course.

9. Google + Chocolate = …: So you’re a famous chocolate maker and you reach a big milestone: 500,000 “circlers” on Google +.  How do you commemorate such an occasion?  See what they made out of their delicious confection.

10. Five Against One: Here’s a cool YouTube video of a song featuring five people playing the same guitar at the same time. The tune is likely to stick in your head, but it’s amazing watching how they pulled this off.

That’s my Trivial Ten for this Thursday. I hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. Phew! Glad I didn’t fit any of the criteria for being an annoying Facebook friend!
    Hunkerin’ looks almost as dumb as planking, but the latter still holds the record for the most idiotic meme in my book.

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