Trivial 10

Trivial Ten #11


It’s time for another collection of random links. In the past, this was called Thursday’s Trivial Ten. But as I proved last week, unintentionally, sometimes Thursdays just don’t work the way I would hope.

So while I still plan to have this feature run on Thursdays, if I’m a little late, it won’t be the end of the world.

And now, we’re off!

1. Tweets or Trash?: What percentage of tweets are genuinely worth reading? If you’re a hater of all things Twitter, results of this study will likely make you smile.

2. If You Build It…: …They won’t necessarily come. At least, that’s the picture according to research about the percentage of apps that actually make enough money to break even. If you’re convinced you have the next great app idea, this might make you rethink your strategy before you code.

3. A Look at Life: Take a journey through 37 years of Life magazine and enjoy what the icon’s photographers captured.

4. Three Questions: Are you using social media the right way? Just three answers to three questions should be able give you the answer.

5. Forgive and Forget? The bank many loves to hate is forgiving up to $150,000 per mortgage for homeowners who are underwater. But as the saying goes, some restrictions apply.

6. The Acid Test: How far would you go to save the life of a co-worker? If you’d go this far, you’re a pretty exceptional person in my book.

7. The New Magic Number: It’s no surprise that 65 is no longer the age at which most people expect they’ll be able to retire. But the new number isn’t as bad as many of us might be afraid of.

8. Money Doesn’t Always Talk: What happens when a wealthy man offers $31.5 million to buy an apartment? A foreign Sheik didn’t get the answer he was looking for!

9. Obama’s Big Bad Week: Have you noticed the four reasons some say Obama’s 2012 re-election bid is in trouble?

10. The New Collectible: The newest action figure is modeled after the “tanning mom.” Get a load of the photo of the figure side by side with the mom herself! Wow!

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