Trivial 10

Trivial Ten #14

If you check out only one of this week’s 10, you have to make sure it’s the video in item #10. Just imagine as you watch how much planning this took to pull off. It’s a good thing it worked out the way everyone hoped!

1. Deadlocked: In three key states, it’s hard to predict who’s going to be elected (or re-elected) in November. That’s according to a new poll that shows Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at a virtual tie in three states that could help decide the race.

2. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion: Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, we’d all like more traffic on our website. So I offer you 8 Ways to Promote Your Website for More Targeted Traffic. How many of them are you not already doing?

3. Happy birthday, CNN: In addition to being the first day of Hurricane Season, today marks the 32nd anniversary of CNN. How often do you watch?

4. Slogan Wars: Can you name Mitt Romney’s campaign slogan? How about President Obama’s? If you can’t name them both, then you’re not alone. But have no fear: even with a weak campaign slogan, there’s a good chance one of the two of them will be elected this November, anyway.

5. Quote of the Week: “…my job changed, and I didn’t.” — Susan Campbell, in her farewell to the Hartford Courant.

6. Office Filth: A study of office germs reveals a clear winner — make that clear “loser” — in the battle of the sexes. Click the link to see whether it’s men or women who have more germ-filled offices, and try to act surprised by the answer.

7. Virtual Tours: How’d you like to see a famous site without ever leaving your living room? Google is helping you do that, with its World Wonders project. You can now take a virtual stroll through 132 famous sites in 18 different countries. Where would you go first?

8. Graduation Prayer Suit: A South Carolina high school graduate filed a lawsuit against his school district over a prayer at his graduation, claiming that he didn’t feel that he “was a part of that part of the graduation ceremony.” He says it isn’t about a prayer or religion, but rather about policy, which is a ridiculous statement to make: of course it’s about prayer and religion. Hypothetically, let’s say he were an only child and the valedictorian spoke about the importance her siblings played in shaping her life: would he sue the district because he wasn’t “part of that part of the ceremony” as well?

9. Torture By Elmo? You’ve heard adults joke that watching Sesame Street can be torture. At Guantanamo Bay, allegations indicate that it could be torture for real. A documentary claims detainees were “tortured” by being forced to listen to Sesame Street songs for days on end. So just who are the people in their neighborhood?

10. Video of the Week: There have been some amazing marriage proposals out there, but you’ve probably never seen one quite like this! I wonder how many days of rehearsal time this took!

Those are my ten for the week. What are you reading this week?


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