Trivial 10

Trivial Ten #26


It’s time for another roundup of interesting lists from around the net. This week’s edition ranges from simple pleasures in life to grammar gaffes!

Have you stumbled across any interesting lists lately? If so, drop me a line via the contact form and they just might make next week’s post!

1. Simple Pleasures: If the best things in life are free, does this list of 30 things truly qualify? Which of them do you think would make your short list of simple pleasures?

2. Texting Terrors: Before you let your fingers do the walking across your phone’s keyboard, make sure you aren’t about to send one of the 5 Text Messages You Should Never Send.

3. Tough Sell: Marketers faced with the challenge of selling people on going to the gym face a strategic workout. But here are 10 Creative Fitness Ads that might have at least gotten some attention.

4. Parental Guidance: For parents worried about what their kids are doing on the net, I present 3 ways to monitor what they do on the Information Superhighway. Good luck!

5. SEO Suggestions: I know, I know…everyone’s sick of seeing the abbreviation “SEO.” But here’s a list of a dozen tips every blogger should know about. Hey, it could have been worse: it could have been 30 of them!

6. Phone Power: Think you know everything your iPhone can do? Did you know about these 25 tricks?

7. Downtime Depression: Yes, sometimes your internet connection drops. Trust me: it isn’t the end of the world! But if you really want to wallow in your horrible luck, here’s a humorous take on 10 things you can do when you can’t get online!

8. Facebook Fame: You hear a lot of strategies about how to make a popular Facebook page. But who’s doing it the best? Check out the top 10 Facebook fan pages and see what’s worth emulating!

9. Don’t Apologize: The title of this one’s fairly self-explanatory, so here are 10 Things You Should Never Apologize For. You’re not sorry you read this, are you?

10. Grammar Gaffes: Here are 9 Sound-Alike Words You Didn’t Know You Were Screwing Up. The big question is, did you really know?

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