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Trivial Ten #27


Unless you’ve spent the past 24 hours hiding under a really large rock, you already know that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5. We start with a couple of iPhone-related lists, but if you’re just not into Apple, don’t worry. We’ll move on to other things, too!

1. iPhone Improvements: While some were underwhelmed with what iPhone’s newest iteration can do compared to other brands already on the market, here are 7 things the iPhone 5 can do that the iPhone 4S can’t.

2. Letting Go: If you’ve already decided you’re getting the new iPhone, what will you do with your old one? You have plenty of options. Here, for instance, are 11 of them.

3. The Next Generation: No, not the next generation of iPhones, but of people. Moving on from Apple’s newest tech toy, we wonder what you think of today’s young people. How different are they compared to how you and your friends were when you were their age? Here are 12 important things you need to know about kids today.

4. Warp Speed WordPress: Everyone wants their site to move fast. Here are 10 plugins designed to make your site run “blazing fast.” If you try any of them, be sure to let me know how well they work!

5. Nutrition Negativity: So rice cakes are bad now? Hey, that works for me. I always thought they tasted like styrofoam, anyway. Apparently, those little disks of blandness made the list of 7 foods nutritionists wouldn’t eat.

6. Changing Christianity: My pal Jonathan Pearson recently discussed 2 ways social media is changing Christianity.

7. Balancing Act: Life itself, it is said, is always a balancing act. If that’s true, it’s almost a certainty that yours will, once in a while, shift one way or the other. Here are 6 ways to get your life back into balance.

8. Power Blogging: It’s never too late to be a better blogger. Which of these 5 ways do you think would work best for you?

9. Childlike Fascination: Here are 12 childlike things you should never give up loving.

10. Playful Posting: We end this week’s list of lists with 25 Twitter accounts that’ll make you laugh. Because laughter is always the best medicine!

I hope you have a weekend of laughter and fun! And be sure to stop by here and play this week’s Saturday Six and Sunday Seven!

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