Trivial 10

Trivial Ten #29


A list of lists. That’s essentially how the Trivial Ten works. I search the net for interesting lists on a variety of topics: virtually anything goes. I then compile them ten at a time each week.

So let’s see what this week’s list has in store:

1. Twitter Twits: There’s an old saying that it’s better to keep your mouth shut so that people might think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Even on Twitter, you can easily make yourself look bad. Here are 25 ways you can look dumb on the social media site.

2. Social Media Misteps: Along the same lines, here are 11 Most Common Grammar Gaffes on Social Media. Yes, people do notice.

3. Catchy Content: Stumped for ideas when it comes to updating your blog? Here are 10 addictive types of content that your readers might enjoy. Which are you more likely to try?

4. Blogging Bonanza: Blogging doesn’t have to be an expensive venture: here, in fact, are 21 Essential Free Blogging Tools. How many of them are you already using?

5. Obsolete Options: Here are 5 automotive accessories that have become obsolete. I’m particularly surprised by #4 on their list, but I couldn’t drive a car that had one of these, so I’m not heartbroken to see it there.

6. States of Discontent: There are a handful of states that never existed in this country, but not because residents didn’t try. Ever heard of the State of Scott? Its story is one of the most interesting, especially considering that it lasted for 125 years without anyone really noticing that it was there. Check out this list of 12 proposed states that didn’t make the cut.

7. Name Game: Of the 50 states that did make the cut, have you ever wondered how they got their names? Wonder no more.

8. A Change in Perspective: Sometimes, looking at things a different way can really teach you something you never expected. But if you’re in a rut, it’s hard to shift your perspective on things. So here are 5 ways you can change your perspective and see what you haven’t seen before.

9. The Right Choice? Let’s face it: blogging may not be for everyone. If you’re having trouble starting one or trouble keeping one going, then ask yourself these 23 questions to see if you and blogging make a good match.

10. Clever Code Names: You have to hand it to the Secret Service: they can be creative when it comes to the names they give to those they’re protecting. Here are 11 of them, courtesy Time magazine.

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