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Would You Really?

A high school student wants to go to college, and is asking total strangers to help her swing the big bill.

With a 3.97 GPA, she shouldn’t have a hard time getting accepted, and one wouldn’t think financial aid would be a problem.

And in a “normal” economy, it might not be.

But with the current economic climate, she hasn’t found a way to pay for her dream academic career at Notre Dame, where tuition runs $46,000 a year.

So her website,, is asking visitors to donate so she could attend her school of choice.

Would you donate anything to her? Would you seriously even consider making a donation to a stranger like that?

If so, I have a project I might want you to keep in mind for the future. And it doesn’t involve beach-front property in Kansas in any way.

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  1. K, thought about this all day…no, I wouldn’t pony up for her. Not only that, I won’t click on your link so she can count me as a visitor. I have a son of my own who will be facing this very issue in about 2 years. He knows, has know for years, that he is responsible for paying for his college education, through earned scholarships, work/study, loans, whatever (legal means) necessary.

    This chicklet needs to swallow hard and actually WORK to EARN her own money. If she’s that broke, why is she spending money on a registered internet domain? Kids like her make me tired, and ruin the reputations by proxy of ALL kids.

    That’s my calmed down reaction. 😉

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