10 Words to Describe Groups of Birds

When you consider some of words that describe groups of birds, there are some amusing entries in our language. My favorite on this list may be the word for crows.

A while back, I provided a list of unusual names used to describe groups of animals.

Today, I present a similar list that applies specifically to the bird kingdom.

1. Buzzards

Most of us aren’t wild about seeing a collection of buzzards since it could be a sign of a recent death. But when we see such a site, we’re viewing a wake of buzzards.

2. Crows

Crows were among the fowl featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds, about a village overcome by deadly bird attacks. This fact may help you remember that a collection of crows is called a murder.

3. Eagles

A group of eagles is known as a convocation, which makes them sound like they’re just graduating from college.

4. Flamingos

A group of flamingos is known as a stand, although some sources say it can be called a flamboyance. I prefer the latter given their appearance.

5. Owls

For the regal owl, there’s a name that seems fitting for a group of them. When you gather a bunch of owls together, you have a parliament. Since they’re supposedly so wise, they might do a better job of running things than some other parliamentarians one might think of.

6. Peacocks

I love peacocks because of the ornate feathers and their posturing when they fan them out to attract a mate. A group of peacocks is known as an ostentation, perhaps a reference to the feather show for which they’re known.

7. Ravens

When you gather ravens into a group, you have an unkindness.


9. Turkeys

A group of turkeys is known as a rafter. Some sources also refer to them as a gang or even a posse.

10. Vultures

Even more foreboding than buzzards are vultures. Every now and then, I’ll pass a collection of them on the side of the road feasting on some recent roadkill. That group is known as a venue.

How many of these have you heard of?

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