7 Vulgar Words and Phrases Just Added to the Dictionary!


New words are constantly being added to the dictionary, but some of the latest additions might just shock your sensibilities.

There are certain words you might have a hard time believing would ever be added to the dictionary. Some words are so obscene, so inappropriate, that you’d assume they wouldn’t belong there.

On the other hand, a dictionary is a tool that helps people understand the meaning of words in use. With that in mind, it has to be understood that tasteless words would make their way in.

This blog, it should be noted, has some language standards of its own. If it’s language that wouldn’t be found on broadcast television, then I generally wouldn’t use it here.

That fact limited this list somewhat. But you can find some of the worst additions here.

1. Ass-kicking

Noun: A physical beating. It’s a phrase that’s been around for quite a while, but it seems to only now have made its way into the dictionary.

2. Assclown

A jerk or buffoon. Someone who’s inept.

3. Asshat

A stupid or contemptible person. While vulgar, this one is at least a somewhat amusing one.

4. Bum-numbing

This describes, quite cleverly, a hard seat that’s uncomfortable to sit on. (It can also describe the act of forcing someone to sit for a long time.)

5. Butthurt

This is a word I particularly dislike because it sounds so immature. But it refers to the state of being easily offended.

6. Butt-dialing

Everyone has done it: to butt-dial means to accidentally call someone while your smartphone is safely tucked away in your back pocket. Sometimes, the butt-dial isn’t really a butt-dial: some of us keep our phones in our front pockets. It’s probably for the best there’s no word for those instances.

7. Buttmunch

Another choice when you’re trying to describe a contemptible or stupid person. (I still prefer asshat.)

How many of these words do you typically use?

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  1. All but #6 I’ve heard being applied to the president. He might be better off if he only butt-dialed, instead of sending some of those ridiculous tweets, though.

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