A Few Weird Words

In this week’s edition of the “Saturday Six,” (see last post) I asked which of five words looked interesting enough that you’d actually want to know what it meant.

If you haven’t already answered, stop reading until you play!

If you have, I thought I’d save everyone a little effort and include the actual definitions of the words. I’d love to know whether anyone knew any of the definitions for any of the words in advance. I didn’t recognize any of them, which is why I picked those words.

Anyway…here they are:

ALLOCHTHONOUS (uh LOK thuh nus) — Adjective. Describes rocks and minerals originating in one place but found elsewhere as a result of the movement of the earth’s crust.

GALLIMAUFRY (gal uh MAW free) — Noun. A jumble, a hodge-podge, a mishmash.

OUBLIETTE (ooh blee ET) — Noun. A secret pit in the floor of a dungeon, enclosed by four thick walls, accessible only through a trap door at the top, through which the wretched prisoner would be flung and forgotten.

TATTERDEMALION (tat ur deh MALE yun) — Noun. A ragamuffin, someone in tattered clothes.

ZUMBOORUKCHEE (ZUM boo RUK chee) — Noun. A zumbooruk is a small cannon mounted on the back of a camel. A Zumboorukchee is the gunner who fires it.

The words are defined with great affection in 2000 Most Challenging and Obscure Words by Norman W. Schur.

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