Embarrassing Pizza Restaurant Typo Goes Viral

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Yikes! A sign at a Canadian Pizza Hut might display one of the biggest facepalm moments in restaurant typo history!

You could definitely call this restaurant typo an embarrassing moment! In fact, offhand, I can’t think of a more embarrassing moment for any restaurant. It’s all because of a sign posted by an employee on a day when something went wrong.

(And I don’t mean the sign. I’d say the sign was the second thing to go wrong that day!)

It happened at a Pizza Hut in Timmins, Ontario, according to Fox News. Something happened in the restaurant’s dining room. The article doesn’t specify what problem prompted employees to post a sign on the door.

But the sign explained that the dining room would be closed that day. The store remained opened for takeout and delivery.

Whatever the problem in the dining room might have been, the printed paper on the door certainly made a bad situation worst.

It started off with the unfortunate phrase, “Due to unfortunate circumstances….” I say it’s unfortunate because of their use of “due to” when they should have used “because of.” If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know due to is one of my big grammar pet peeves.

But it was even more unfortunate because they didn’t print circumstances. Instead, the first line of sign read, “Due to unfortunate circumcisions.”

Circumcisions. Ouch.

My biggest question

We’ve all seen restaurants post handwritten signs when something goes wrong. You’ve surely seen misspellings and embarrassing typos on such signs before.

But it’s one thing when a sign like that, scribbled in a hurry, is handwritten. Someone printed this sign on a computer. Most computers here in the 21st century have spellcheck options. Even the most basic text editors that allow printing have some sort of spell-correction option.

The manager apparently blamed the error on autocorrect. Maybe.

But I’d have a hard time believing that it autocorrected to “circumcisions” without a major spelling error already happening. In fact, when I pick up my phone and type the word unforeseen, the first word that comes up to go next is circumstances.

At least in the little testing I did, you have to ignore the suggestion of the right word — which is possible if you type quickly — but then tread deeply into misspelling territory away from circumstances for autocorrect to screw it up that badly.

Then there’s this other pesky little point: We still have to proofread. Autocorrect has burned me plenty of times over the years. Sometimes it makes a change after my eyes have moved on to the next word or two and I miss the change. But if I don’t go back and proofread, I can blame autocorrect all day. But it’s not autocorrect’s fault.

At least Pizza Hut Canada had a good sense of humor

You have to hand it to Pizza Hut Canada’s social media team. When people started mentioning the sign, they responded, poking fun at themselves.

“We promise the only thing we cut is pizza,” the posted on X, formerly Twitter.

When another user posted that they could offer a “no-crust pizza” that they could call “the Circumcision,” PHC responded, “Cutting-edge taste without the extra slice!”

And when a user named Dave posted that he should cancel his appointment and “get my own pizza cutter and handle it myself,” PHC’s answer was, “We’re here for pizza, not procedures,”

If you’re going to make an embarrassing mistake, at least having a sense of humor can diffuse the situation.

It can also (hopefully) serve as a reminder about the importance of a little proofreading!

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