First, We Had ‘Covidiots.’ Now, There’s ‘Pandemiquette.’


Maybe people waited too long to introduce this particular fake word, but after watching people’s behavior, I think we need Pandemiquette lessons!

A San Francisco TV station talked to a lifestyle & etiquette expert about navigating social situations during a pandemic. She referred to the need for proper pandemiquette.

If you’ve never heard of the word, don’t feel bad about it.

The way many — too many people act — if they have heard of it, they don’t give a damn.

So how are your pandemic etiquette skills?

The expert told KGO-TV it’s important to drop the accusatory finger routine and approach people “from a place of respect.”

She wants us to be polite when we ask someone to put some space between you and them for proper social distancing. But what about those covidiots who absolutely refuse to wear a mask?

She gave simple advice for that, too: “Let crazy be crazy.”

It’s a nice idea, I’ll admit. But in this case, it’s not just about being crazy. It’s about potentially putting other people at risk.

I think the people who refuse to wear masks know this. For whatever reason, they prefer to put convenience over safety in some outrageous argument over “liberty.”

Yet their selfish actions might just be putting other peoples’ rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” at risk.

The best thing we all can do if we really want to practice pandemiquette is simply cooperate. Follow the guidance of medical experts. Follow the rules.

(I find it funny that some of the people refusing to wear masks expect everyone else to follow every other rule.)

Wear a mask.

If you can’t wear a mask, maybe you should be the one who stays home.

Social distance.

If you can’t social distance, maybe you should be the one who gets sick.

Practice respect.

If you can’t practice respect, maybe you — not the pandemic or those with whom you choose to disagree — are the real problem here.

We can all do better.

It’s time we started.

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  1. Pandemequitte does not roll easily off the tongue (not mine, anyway).The mash-up word I’ve been waiting to see make the scene is “pandemocrat.” Not that I want to give Trump any ideas, though. 😉

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