My 5 Best Blog Posts About Grammar in 2014

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year is flying by. In just days, it’ll be 2015. But it’s fun to look back over the past year at this point to spotlight some of the best posts.

This time, I’m focusing on what I’d rank as my 5 best blog posts about grammar from 2014. I hope you enjoy them the second time around!

Why Grammar Police Get Such a Bad Reputation

To a point, you might successfully argue that I’m a member of the “grammar police.” While I write a lot about grammar and proper usage, there’s an approach I don’t take. This article describes what I’m not willing to do.

Associated Press Tweet About Ukraine Plane Crash Leads to Confusion

Here’s a story about how something as simple as a comma (in this case, two of them) can cause confusion by radically changing the meaning of what is being expressed. It’s stories like these that should serve as a lesson to all as to why grammar is important.

Amazeballs? No. 15 Words I Wish Oxford Dictionary Would’ve Ignored

Sometimes people who make up ridiculous words just to be cute deserve a good slap. While dictionaries aren’t usage manuals, but rather only exist to explain meanings, some dictionary editors who waste the world’s supply of ink and paper to even acknowledge such words deserve at last as big of a slap.

Poor Headlines: What’s With the Ban on Being Verbs?

I don’t know who in journalism decided that “being” verbs — forms of “to be” — are bad. Some headline writers take this dislike to ridiculous extremes. I even called the Associated Press in New York, one of the primary deciders of how newsrooms write through it’s Associated Press Stylebook and even they were perplexed with the headline I found.

Why My Grammar Posts Aren’t All About Grammar

Yes, I know…the grammar category isn’t technically all grammar. Some of it might be more appropriately called “language” or “usage.” But here’s why I lumped everything into the grammar category anyway!

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