My 10 Best Grammar Posts of 2018

This week, I’m taking a quick walk down memory lane to help you find some of the year’s best posts. Here are 10 of my best grammar posts.

Posts in the grammar category tend to be among the most-read posts year after year. So I figured it might be a good idea to make a list of what I consider to be among the best grammar posts of 2018.


1. ‘Grocery Store Censors Graduation Party Cake’

This was probably one of the most ridiculous stories of the year. Even more ridiculous: it actually happened.

2. ‘Please Stop Using the Phrase “Revert Back”’

If you can’t master the proper use of a fancy word like revert, maybe you should just go back to something a bit more simple. There’s a reason back is unnecessary when you use revert.

3. ‘Do You Speak Your Peace or Piece?’

Every now and then, I’ll write one of these “either/or” posts and assume I already know the answer. This was one of those cases when I didn’t. In fact, it was a quote from a politician that I assumed must contained a typo that prompted this post!

4. ‘Jerry-Rig or Jury-Rig? Get Your Phrases Straight!’

Have you ever heard the phrase “jerry-rig”? If so, you’ve heard the combination of two different things into one. Here’s how both phrases should be written and what they each mean.

5. ‘Flamenco or Flamingo? The Wrong Answer Cost Someone $7,000’

Talk about a painful loss! Getting these two confused led a Wheel of Fortune contestant’s jackpot to go crashing down.

6. ‘Dressing or Stuffing? There’s Still No Definitive Answer!’

This annual debate usually begins a few days before Thanksgiving. There’s a common, simple answer often suggested to “officially” end the argument.

Unfortunately, a well-known food product shoots down that idea!

7. ‘Grammar Tip: Forget You’ve Heard of “Myself”’

It’s a common error…but that’s the problem: it’s become too common! Too many people use the word myself when they should have used me. I’m genuinely convinced they make the mistake to sound more formal.

It doesn’t work.

8. ‘Dinner or Supper? And Where Does Lunch Fit in This?’

This is always a popular debate, particularly in the South. Some people think lunch and dinner are the same thing, while others say dinner to describe the meal others call supper.

Is there really a difference? Depending on whom you ask, yes!

9. ‘Who Started This Extra Pronoun Problem?’

This is a new pet peeve of mine. I’m hearing more and more news anchors and everyday folk throw in a pronoun where one is absolutely, positively unnecessary. Have you noticed it?

10. ‘Why I Don’t Have a Spelling Disclaimer in My Smartphone Signature’

It’s a big trend these days: adding a little line or two to the email signature begging forgiveness for any spelling (or grammar) issues.

How curious it is to beg forgiveness for a “sin” that, at the time the signature appears, hasn’t even been committed, yet.

Here’s why it’s something you won’t find in an email sent from my iPhone.

That’s my list of best grammar posts of this year!

I wish you a happy and grammatically-correct 2019!

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