Recombobulation? Airport Signs Feature Made-Up Word

If you see the airport signs featuring the made-up word ‘recombobulation,’ the word might make so much sense that you might not notice!

If you’re like me, going through airport security can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s not because you’re trying to smuggle something dangerous through, but because every time I travel, some minor rule has changed — leave the jewelry on; put the shoes on the conveyor belt, not in a bin — and you feel like you’re failing a college exam.

When I get through the metal detector, it takes a moment to get myself (and my stuff) together again.

You might say that someone who has been so confused from such an experienced might be discombobulated.

Fortunately, most airports have a little area just past security that often includes a bench or two where one can sit down and put their shoes back on as well as place items back in their pockets.

Leave it to the General Mitchell International Airport just south of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to come up with the perfect name for such a place: The Recombobulation Area.

Signs actually identify the area as such, even though, as OnMilwaukee pointed out back in 2015, there’s technically no such word as “recombobulate.”

But the Urban Dictionary offers two suggestions for a definition of the word: either putting something back the way it was or gathering one’s thoughts or composure.

Still, if you’re in that state and you see the signs, there’s probably a great chance you’d never even question the veracity of the word since it seems to make so much sense right away.

If I ever find myself flying through Mitchell Airport, I’ll be sure to snap a photo of the “Recombobulation Area” signs.

I think deep down, a little recombobulation is just what we all need once in a while.

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