Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sti or Stye? One Guy Learned the Difference the Hard Way

A son’s text message to his mother about a problem with his eye made it clear he didn’t know the right choice between sti or stye.

When you have a red spot around your eye, are you dealing with a sti or stye? One young man will probably always have the two straight from now on.

As CafeMom explains, a Scottish man texted his mother to find out what he should do about a problem with his eye. But while he knew how to pronounce the problem, he wasn’t nearly as clear on how it should be spelled.

So he told her he had a sti and asked if she had any suggestions on how to get rid of it.

You may well be more familiar with the abbreviation STD, which stands for a sexually-transmitted disease.

But the abbreviation STI is an alternate version that stands for a sexually-transmitted infection.

That’s probably not the kind of revelation anyone would want to tell his mother in any case. But especially not in the form of a text message.

The man’s mother, naturally, was shocked by what he had told her.

“Honestly? What you got son?” she responded.

He told her he wasn’t exactly sure but described what looked like a bruise that he was only able to see when his left eye was closed.

The mother, thinking it was some sort of sexually-transmitted something-or-other, eventually asked him, “Is it on your willy or your testicles?”

Yeah, that scores a perfect 100 on the awkward meter.

A stye, which is what he meant to type, is a small, red, tender bump inside or outside your eyelid.

In case you ever find yourself with one — a stye, that is — here’s some guidance on how you might rid yourself of the malady.

That might be easier than bringing your mom into this.

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