When a Period Isn’t Enough, Maybe a ‘Periodt’ Will Do It

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I realize I tend to care more about grammar and usage than the average person. But even I had never heard of the ‘periodt’ until recently.

If you never heard of a periodt, don’t feel bad. I hadn’t, either. I stumbled upon a mention of it and assumed exactly what you probably thought: it must be a typo.

No, unfortunately, it’s not a typo. Spellcheck flags it as a misspelling. But in terms of slang, that’s how you spell it. So let’s take a look at this little-known way to verbally end a sentence.

You pronounce it as if the D was silent. So it sounds like “periot.” (Spellcheck flags that, too.) It’s the word period that ends with a T instead of a D sound. (I did find a video in which someone actually pronounced it “period-tee,” but I’m pretty sure they said it that way only for emphasis of the spelling. In the same video, they seemed to pronounce it “periot.” tells us the word is an interjection to mean “a statement is final.”

“Conversation over. No more discussion,” its website states.

You use it in spoken English at the end of a sentence. Here’s an example:

We are never going to that restaurant again, periodt.

I don’t know why we’d need a word like this. When you say out the word period after a sentence as an interjection, it accomplishes the exact same thing. So to change the pronunciation of period seems like overkill to me.

Language Pacifica adds an interesting tidbit about word. It tells us that periodt began in Black gay culture. Who knew? I can’t imagine how it started in any group, though, regardless of which group that happens to be.

In any case, if you really feel compelled to use this goofy variant, go for it. I just think you don’t need to clutter up the normal word with an extra letter. Period.

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