Why I’m Glad Some Don’t Care About Good Writing


Did the headline make you do a double take? Yes, the guy who tells bloggers that they should “give a damn” about writing if they’re going to expect readers to take them seriously is actually happy that some people don’t.

But don’t let your grammar guard down too quickly: the people to whom I refer are spammers.

I received this interesting little email the other day:

My name is miss Joy ,
I will like to have a mutual relationship with you, there is something crucial i will like to share with you
take care and lots of love, God Has a purpose of bring us closer through this means , it is not accident .
please don’t mind the distance and color it has nothing to do with love
God bless you

There’s nothing like a dose of bad writing to make a spammer stick out like a dangling participle.

I give “miss Joy” one point for spelling crucial correctly, but the point is quickly taken back for her lack of proper punctuation and capitalization.

I know a couple of people named Joy, but both of them are more than capable of writing a proper sentence, so this one completely blew the chance that I might mistake her for one of them.

If God does indeed have a purpose in uniting me with this mysterious writer, I’m sure He would have told her that she should have used bringing rather than bring.

What distance is she talking about? Am I to assume she’s writing from some far off place? Maybe she’s one of those Nigerian millionaires just waiting for the perfect sucker.

Color? Well, I ‘m sure that love can come in any color, but since she didn’t include a picture, I have no idea what color she is, and I suspect she’s just as clueless about what color I am. Therefore, color shouldn’t even enter into the situation.

If you’re a spammer, then by all means don’t give a damn about good writing. &nbsp You make life easier for the rest of us that way.

the authorPatrick
Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.


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