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Why We Ask If Something ‘Is a Thing’


You’ve surely heard the phrase in which someone asks or states that a popular trend of some kind ‘is a thing.’ I’m ready for it to go away.

Have you wondered why questioning whether something “is a thing” is…well…a thing? I have. It could be one of the most annoying idioms that I’ve heard in a while. I think that’s primarily because you hear it so often these days.

I’m not sure that it technically qualifies as an idiom, which is a phrase with a meaning that isn’t obvious at the phrase’s face value. Asking if something’s a thing means what it says.

Although at times, the thing is deliberately vague. The website Urban Dictionary offers this example of this type of thing:

“Are you dating Stacy?”

“No but we have a thing.”

In this case, the thing seems to mean something, but it’s not clear exactly what.

You most commonly hear the phrase in a question, when someone suggests some new thing or concept the listener hasn’t heard of before. The listener then responds with something along the lines of, “Is that a thing now?”

Or, when something changes and a new way of doing something appears, you could call that “a thing.”

I tend to think of it as a rephrasing (albeit an unnecessary rephrasing) of the old question, “Is there such a thing?”

All Ears English suggests using “a thing” in this manner could carry at least three meanings:

  • It exists.
  • It’s real.
  • I’m serious.

It also notes the phrase is mostly used by people in their 20s and 30s. Unfortunately, those of us in our 50s are forced to listen to it a bit too often from said twentysomethings and thirtysomethings.

The origin of the phrase isn’t clear. But it seems a fairly recent addition to the English vernacular. Still, if you need a way to say that something is real, valid, trending or common, that phrase seems to work.

But please us it sparingly.

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