Fear of Rejection

I think we’re all afraid of rejection on some level. That applies to those who write and those who don’t. I was surfing the other day and somehow ended up at an article by Lee Masterson that deals with the subject.

She points out that the first mistake is to consider rejection as something personal. It’s hard not to. Even rejection on a blog can seem personal at certain points. But rejection in the publishing industry is more about business. I agree that it’s good to keep that in mind.

She points out a few examples of well-known works and authors (one of them is the Harry Potter book I mentioned in the last post) who suffered the dreaded rejection letter far more than once. And she has advice on how to deal with it.

My favorite part of her article, though, is a quote about what a published author really is:

“A published author was once an unpublished author who didn’t quit submitting.”

I think I need to print that out and hang it somewhere over my computer desk.

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  1. Good advice, really. Even the worst authors — well, some of them, anyway — get published through persistence alone. Just look at Steve Alten, author of Meg: he sucks, but continues to publish, all because he originally never said die.

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