Keeping Balanced (And Out of the Dog House!)

The last poll was quite interesting! I asked how well you feel you balance time with your writing and your family and friends.

No one, I’m happy to say, claims to have found the perfect balance between the two. And it seems that while we may be completely honest when it comes to answering poll questions, we’re not very good to our significant others: 89% of those who responded admitted that their loved ones often take a back seat to the writing.

That may be good for the career, but not so good for the home life. Since we’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day, this might be a good time to start planning ways to make up to the spouse for being so unavailable while locked in your writing office all those hours.

The new poll asks whether you ever would (or ever have) come out of your writing space with a special piece of writing in hand to make amends. After answering the poll, do you have any special plans for February 14th or the weekend after? A cozy dinner for two? A weekend getaway without the laptop or legal pad? Or even a promise to give him or her all of your attention for a day or two?

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  1. Both the wife and I have doctor appointments on Wednesday, late morning. So this year, we’ve promised each other a lunch date! Something we haven’t had in many moons…

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