New "How To" Book for Horror Writers

Over at Amazon.com, you’ll see that On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association will be available in November.

The product listing looks comprehensive enough, mentioning articles from authors like Stephen King, Stewart O’Nan and Joyce Carol Oates. But a funny thing apparently happened on the listing’s path to the present. According to Nick Mamatas, when Amazon first posted it, the book’s publisher wasn’t quite right:

“On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writer’s of America”


The mistake about what HWA stands for was bad enough, but the incorrect pluralization of writers with an apostrophe prompted Nick to do his own “how to” post about the use of the little mark. A while back, I did my own post about apostrophes and the lengths people seem willing to go to misuse them. You can find it here.

I think I’ll take a gamble that the people who wrote the contents of the book aren’t the same ones who posted the initial listing. I’ll probably end up buying the book; by November, I’ll hopefully have read more than a few of the books still waiting in my growing “to read” pile.

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