Not Your Typical Writer’s Nook

For those of you who need that special place to do your writing, especially if your genre of choice is horror or suspense, here’s what could be the ultimate spot: Bran Castle in Romania, (along the border of Willachia and Transylvania), a home that Bram Stoker allegedly used as the inspiration for Dracula’s castle.

Persistent myths have named Vlad the Impaler as a resident, although there’s no evidence that he ever lived there. Still, when it comes to tourism, the castle, which was built in 1212, is still marketed as “Dracula’s Castle.”

Can you imagine writing inside its walls?

You can, provided you can come up with the £44,000,000 — $77 Million Dollars — the current owners are asking.

I think I’ll pass.

By the way, if you’re curious about what it looks like on the inside, visit this site, which included photos of its rooms, including the library.

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  1. If I had 77 million to spare I’d buy that place in a heartbeat! Thanks for posting both this and the family guy clip below – I hadn’t seen it either, too funny!

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