Rowlings Dreams She’s Potter

As she wraps up the work on her seventh and final Harry Potter novel, author J.K. Rowling admits that she never dreamed about her characters until recently. “I had an epic dream in which I was, simultaneously, Harry and the narrator,” she recently wrote on her website, according to this AP article.

So that got me thinking…

I don’t recall ever dreaming that I was a character in a story I was working on at the time. I may have had an odd dream that somehow became the genesis of a story I would eventually write, but I can’t think of one time that I’ve dreamed I was a character I had already created.

I’ve started a new Willoughby Poll on the sidebar: has this ever happened to you? Vote now! The results will be posted next week.


  1. That’s funny. The week after I was notified that I would get my first story published, I dreamed I was the MC, a nine-year old girl. Since I’m not too kind on my characters, the dream was more of a nightmare.
    BTW: nice blog. I found it through 101 reasons…

  2. I’ve not had any dreams regarding anything I was writing, however, I did recently dream about a painting. I was compelled to paint it when I awoke. Same sort of thing I guess?

    Interesting post as always!

  3. Sean mentioned you on his blog so I thought I’d pop over and say hello. I have had dreams where I’ve been an observer in what seemed like a novel… but none about the novel I was currently working on.

  4. Oddly enough, this afternoon was one of those rare times when I dreamt I was the character in my book. Even funnier was that it’s the book my wife and I are writing together. We were both our principal characters, but we were still ourselves. Even in the dream we were discussing how we might change things in the book while actively taking part in it. Oddly enough, the scene in which I found myself doesn’t even exist in the book. Was one of the strangest dreams I’ve ever had.

    Hope the holidays (and S.C.) are treating you well.

  5. I don’t dream I’m my characters but I do dream about them. That’s partly how I work out things about their backgrounds and personalities. I go to sleep thinking about them, to make sure I dream at least a bit about them.

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