Writing Superstitions

This is one of only two Friday the 13ths in 2006. Author Nate Kenyon made a post today about superstitions and fears in honor of the day. Aside from things that scare you in general, he mentions this superstition about his writing:

“I don’t like to tell people about plots I’m working on—I’m afraid the story will lose its mojo. I can’t write on anything but a computer.”

I’m not a big fan of divulging a lot about my plot, either, but in my case it’s because I’m afraid I won’t sell it well enough and then the lackluster reaction might talk me out of continuing with it. (And I don’t need any help in finding reasons not to write!)

It’s not really a superstition with me, but I have to have some kind of noise — either a television on in the other room or music in the background while I write. I don’t write that well without something to occupy those parts of the brain not directly involved in the writing at a given moment.

Do you writers out there have any superstitions you’d be willing to share?


  1. I never hesitate to talk about a piece of fiction I’m working on. That’s usually how I work out the plots, by talking about them, even if it’s only to myself (no cats to converse with). I don’t think I have any superstitions, but if my first endeavor of the day goes poorly, I’m liable to take the day off or not attempt anything else productive. This is based more on experience than expectation.

  2. I’m superstitious about any changes to my workstation in my office. I received a much-needed new office chair for Christmas, replacing one I had used for 12 years — the chair I sat in while writing practically everything I’ve ever written. The new chair is working out fine. I’m being productive — writing scripts these days; taking a break from the novel writing; and pretty much having abandoned short stories. But that old chair is in the basement just in case a prolonged block hits me.

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