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Moms Fight Back Against Controversial Santa Sign

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I bet an angry mom would come a very close second.

A group of angry moms let Dillard’s department store have it over a Santa sign in a holiday display. The sign, which jokingly — yes, it was clearly a joke — requested two things from the jolly old St. Nick.

The sign, which made the rounds after appearing on Instagram, read:

Dear Santa,
This year, give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix up those two like you did last year. Thanks

“I was appalled by a sign in the little girls department,” the woman wrote on Facebook, adding, “This is NOT the message we should be sending our girls!!”

The critical issue here was that the sign was placed in a little girls’ department, which, to an extent, was a questionable judgment, I’ll acknowledge.

But don’t expect me to go overboard in condemning the department store chain. I’ve been “overweight” — or whatever we’re calling it this week — for a good portion of my life. I started off too thin and my parents had a devil of a time trying to get me interested in food. I don’t know what exactly they did, but whatever it was, if they had found a way to bottle it, I’d have the fat bank account already.

Yes, being overweight, or as various dating and social profile sites might put it, “a little extra,” can have some negative effects on your self-esteem. I know. I get it.

But then seeing a sign like this doesn’t cause that. It’s not even a reminder of it. If you have those feelings — and you either do or you don’t — a sign like this isn’t going to push someone into a well of self-hate. If a little girl even stops to read the sign, and since it’s not some sort of electronic display glowing in high definition, how many little kids even would these days, I don’t really think she’s going to throw a fit in the middle of the store.

I see the sign as a cute little saying, much like those funny greeting cards or those silly little Facebook memes that look like greeting cards that are all over the Facebook feed.

Dillard’s, to its credit, quickly removed the sign from the little girls’ department, which I think would have been a reasonable compromise.

But not content with a reasonable compromise, apparently, a company spokesperson added that the sign would not be sold in any of the company’s stores.

Say what?

A complaint about a sign’s placement in one department means it gets pulled from the entire chain across the board, even from the home furnishing department where those “whimsical signs” were all supposed to be displayed for sale?

So now we can’t even be whimsical outside of the kids area?

If Santa Claus materialized in my living room and asked me what I’d like for Christmas this year, a slim body and a fat bank account is pretty much what I’d ask for. Seeing a sign that jokes about such a request isn’t depressing to someone like me. I chuckle and think to the mystery sign writer, “Tell me about it!”

Because that’s the kind of message from people who are in the same boat we are, not those who are trying to shame us from a different boat. You don’t ask for something that you already have. Common sense, right?

Sometimes I wish we could learn to take a step back and think about things before we let ourselves get so outraged. There are far more important things to campaign against, and battles like this take time and energy away from them.

Oh, and Santa, if you happen to be reading this, if you bring me that slim body and that fat bank account, please rest assured: you won’t offend me at all.


  1. This is a funny little quip. I’ve seen it online before. The placement was stupid. They should have just moved the sign to the women’s section where a lot of us could get a nice chuckle out of it.

  2. I think the sign is funny and relatable to many/most. Obviously it shouldn’t be sold in the little girls’ department, but I wouldn’t really care if my little girl read the sign. On the other hand, I have always told my children that Santa is not real, so maybe our choice to celebrate Christmas without emphasizing Santa colors my opinion.

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