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Burning Your Diploma? You May Be Overreacting

Someone posted a photo on Facebook of an angry-looking man holding a burning piece of paper in his hand. The paper, allegedly, was his Penn State diploma.

Apparently, he was so ashamed of his alma mater that he wanted to burn that piece of paper.


Is he ashamed enough to give back every dollar of wages he’s earned from businesses who hired him as a college graduate in the (guessing here) 20+ years since he graduated?

Now that would be taking a stand! That would impress me.

Other than the little education section of a resumé, I’ve never had anyone in my professional life ask me which college I attended unless they were having a conversation about college football, and only then because they wanted to know which team I pull for.

If, in the wake of allegations of child molestation against innocent children, you are more worried about how you look as a graduate of the college where some of the abuse allegedly happened, you might just be missing the point.

You might need a reminder that it ought to be about the potential victims.

It certainly isn’t about you.

(Consider this that reminder.)

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