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The Shoe’s On the Other Foot, But No One is Taking A Step!

I have a question for all you political buffs out there.

Let’s review all of the political grandstanding over the past several days, shall we?

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice originally was only going to testify to the 9/11 Committee behind closed doors. President Bush and Vice President Cheney likewise were going to testify in a private session.

Democrats crawled out of the woodwork to condemn this as their trying to withhold the truth from the American people. “We deserve to know,” they shouted to the rafters, “and we deserve to hear what they have to say.”

When Rice suddenly announced she would testify publicly, many of those same Democrats, apparently never happy with anything, claimed that it was only the firestorm they sparked that prevailed upon her to change her tune.

Now, former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore have both testified to the same 9/11 Committee. Guess what: they testified behind closed doorsnot in public. Clinton testified on Thursday, and members of the committee described their private meeting with him as “frank and informative.” Of Gore’s three hour meeting on Friday, the panel said in a statement that Gore was “candid and forthcoming.”

Hello?? Where are these people who were clamoring for the truth to be told publicly? If we’re now suddenly getting “frank and informative” accounts from former leaders who are being “candid and forthcoming” with details on terrorism against the United States (some of which had occurred during Clinton’s administration), why isn’t that information being released? And why aren’t these same Democrats who were so quick to assume that the current administration had something to hide demanding that these new details be made public?

Since most of them were so dissatisfied with what Ms. Rice had to say, I would think they’d be doing backflips to see “frank and informative” data.

If it’s about finding the truth and being accountable to the American people, then we must look for the truth across the board and we must make sure that everyone is accountable. If this is going to be a witch hunt that only targets one side, there’s little point in continuing with this farce: we’re wastingour time in a partisan game that’s taking the focus away from preparing for the next threat.

So what’s it going to be, folks?

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