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What’s Your Game?


The newest Patrick’s Place Poll is asking you which TV game show you think you’d be best at playing for real.

My favorite game show is, as most of you know, The Price is Right.  I liked it a lot better when Bob Barker was host; the new version with Drew Carey doesn’t feel quite the same.  Still, it’s a game I don’t think I’d do that well at, because I’m not great with prices.

I do fairly well with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? when I play along, but I don’t think I’d do as well if I were actually in that studio.

My pick was Deal or No Deal, the annoying Howie Mandel notwithstanding.  I just played the online game, just for fun, to see what would happen.  I picked case #23, for my birthday, and narrowed it down to just three cases left: the million-dollar case was still in play, as well as the $1 case.  I took the banker’s offer at $193,000, only to then discover that I had actually chosen the million-dollar case.

Can’t win them all.

Still, if someone wanted to hand me $193,000, I sure wouldn’t complain.  Just sayin’.

Any overly-generous readers out there?

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  1. I always do well playing along from my couch on the trivia type games, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, or Jeopardy. But I know if I actually went on the show, I’d be the goof who misses the $1000 question and goes home a laughingstock.

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