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‘Lost’ On Me

It was opening weekend for Land of the Lost.&nbsp  The comedy, as you surely know by now, stars Will Ferrell as a scientist who winds up back in time being chased by dinosaurs.

It is, of course, a remake of a 1974 Saturday morning NBC show of the same name.&nbsp  With a major exception:&nbsp  the kids version from thirty-five years ago wasn’t a comedy.&nbsp  At least not intentionally.

Back then, it was serious business.&nbsp  A father and his two kids somehow were trapped in prehistoric times after being trapped in some mysterious time vortex that resulted from “the greatest earthquake ever known.”

Those stop-motion dinosaurs and cheesy chroma-key backgrounds that look so unbelievably fake now were magically real when we first saw it on TV.&nbsp  It wasn’t a comedy.&nbsp  It wasn’t silly.&nbsp  There were corny family moments, but the drama of a family running for their lives and the suspense of the chase between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the evil Sleestak were enough to keep the kiddies glued ot the set for a full half-hour.&nbsp  Commercials included.

Sid and Marty Kroft, the producers of Land of the Lost, made a TV remake in the early 1990s.&nbsp  The effects were updated.&nbsp  Things looked infinitely more realistic than they did way back in the original production.

And it sucked.

There was just something to be said about cheesy special effects in a Saturday morning kids show that took itself so seriously.

Ferrell said he loved Land of the Lost as a kid, and because he loved it, he decided he wanted to turn it upside down, making it one of his trademark silly comedies.

Ferrell doesn’t do it for me.&nbsp  He reminds me a lot of Jim Carrey.&nbsp  There are funny things he does.&nbsp  But there’s so much silliness that you have to sift through in between genuinely funny parts that I find myself quickly becoming bored with what I see.

Apparently, though, I find that Ferrell’s take on the classic wasn’t lost only on me: it appears to be struggling at the box office, possibly a result of movie reviews and buzz that it’s just not that funny after all.

I’d much rather watch DVDs of the original run.&nbsp  Maybe movie-goers feel the same way.

Did you see it?&nbsp  Any plans to?

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  • I saw it. I wasn’t planning to, but a friend wanted to go. It was better than I thought in that I did laugh sometimes and I didn’t hate the movie and I found the visual aspects of the Land of the Lost to be interesting. Most of the jokes were gross jokes or sexual innuendo (or obvious). I get tired of sexual humor, especially in movies I think kids will want to see like this one. But I wouldn’t want kids seeing this one, really.

    The movies I’ve liked most that I’ve seen since 2009 started were Star Trek and State of Play. I also liked Gran Torino but it is heavy and I don’t need to see it more than once.

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