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Couric Finally Makes It Official. (Act Surprised.)


Last Updated on August 17, 2011

Katie Couric, in a People exclusive, has blown the year’s worst-kept television secret: she’s leaving the CBS Evening News after five years. Either late this week, or early next week, after Couric returns from covering the royal wedding, CBS will reveal the year’s second-worst-kept TV secret: that 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley will take her place.

And I’m still wondering why Harry Smith keeps getting overlooked for a position he’s so good at filling.

I find it ironic that Couric let a magazine, and not CBS News, officially break the story. I will assume that doesn’t bode well for CBS’s chances of landing her talk show. I’m also surprised that this little “experiment” has really been going on for five years. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long; although I’m sure to others, particularly to the CBS News employees who were laid off while Couric brought home an exorbitantly high salary for the past five years, it has seemed much longer than that.

Maybe The New York Times will get to break the story of Pelley’s official appointment. Unless CBS actually decides to keep control of its own story.

What a concept!

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  • I agree, Harry Smith would do very well in that position and may even bring some of the dwindling viewer numbers back up. I quit watching CBS Evening News when Dan Rather decided to start reporting on his opinion instead of the news. Couric was even more toxic and devisive. I’m sure she can find a job at MSNBC where she won’t feel so constrained in trying to appear unbiased.

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