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‘D-Lister’ May Be Out in ‘11

Kathy Griffin, the comedienne whose humor usually escapes this blogger, may not be back on CNN after dropping an ‘F-bomb’ during the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage.

As anchor Anderson Cooper held up a photo of the balloon boy, Falcon Heene, and referred to him by name, Griffin asked for clarification of how the boy’s first name was correctly pronounced, suggesting several alternatives which included the F-word. Cooper shook his head, saying, “You’re terrible. Really terrible.”

PopEater reports that she won’t be back on next year’s end-of-the-year special. Maybe twice is the charm:  the year before last, while hosting CNN’s coverage, she responded to a heckler in the crowd by making a joke implying that he performed gay sex acts for a living.

I don’t see anything about a decision from CNN execs about banning her completely from the network. She has guest-hosted Larry King Live, and one can only wonder whether she’ll be invited back to his microphone. One CNN spokesperson told the Associated Press that planning for the 2011 celebration hadn’t begun, yet.

I find her to be a curious choice to host any show that isn’t equipped with a live delay to filter out such instances…especially after her remarks in 2008. If she is back on the platform next year, CNN deserves whatever it gets out of her.

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