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I Wish I Were a Basketball Fan

There’s absolutely nothing on to watch today.

If I were a fan of basketball, I could find plenty to watch.  But I have no desire to watch basketball.  None.  I don’t understand the appeal of the game.

I hate watching movies on cable television.  Yesterday, I found The Shining on one of the stations and I watched a few minutes of it.  Before I knew it, I was into it, and it was time for a long commercial break.  So I grabbed my DVD and watched from that point.  The movie on DVD was over a lot sooner than the cable version and I save myself having to sit through commercials.

I turned to TV Land, hoping they’d have something worth watching.  They’re doing a marathon of Gunsmoke and Bonanza.  I despise westerns.  I’ve never been able to get into them.

Then I turned to TruTV, hoping for an episode of Forensic Files.  They’re running a marathon of Inside American Jail, wherein a bunch of drunk guys act out as police arrest them and place them in holding areas to wait for hearing after hearing.  It was interesting for about two minutes, but then every episode is the same.

I wish my cable company hadn’t moved GSN to the next price level, but I’m sure I’d be stuck with a Newlywed Game marathon there, so there’d be no point of turning there, either.

If I had my own cable channel, there’d be something decent on.  But you probably wouldn’t like what I picked any better than I like what they have.


  1. Too bad there was no Forensic Files… one of the best shows on TV. And, unlike those reality (‘actuality’) shows about the drunk tank, at least there’s some variation. Yeah, a lot of times it’s the husband… but not always. There was one on the other night where they accused the wife of murder and arson… but her defense did some fire investigation and she was acquitted…

  2. I’ve never much cared for basketball… especially NBA. College hoops I can enjoy. Of course, I only watch during the NCAA Tournament, but only when I do brackets… which I’m going to be doing quite a few this year thanks to my comic strip/blog. It scares me that I might lose to an imaginary character.

  3. Basketball is only just now getting interesting because the regular season is wrapping up and the conference tournaments are starting up, which determines which teams will make it to the NCAA tournament.

    You could have watched the NASCAR race today. It wasn’t as exciting as some, but there was some interesting stuff going on. And you don’t have to pay much attention to it until the end, which allows you to read or net surf or whatever while it’s going on.

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