Model Quits Victoria’s Secret Over Faith


A model says her faith is the reason she’s leaving her job.

The 21-year-old, who won a Victoria’s Secret Model Search competition in 2009, said that at the time, working for the company was absolutely her ultimate goal and all she ever wanted career-wise.

(I should point out, in the interest of fairness, that the stock image accompanying this post is not the model in question, and that the woman depicted is not necessarily wearing Victoria’s Secret clothing. But since I prefer to avoid copyright infringement, I chose not to steal a random image from Victoria’s Secret.)

Since then, however, she says she has come to feel that modeling lingerie is morally objectionable.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze reports that she feels her body is sacred and should only be for her husband, and doesn’t want younger girls following her example.

Well, first off, I am happy for her. I’m glad that she has taken a step she feels is right based on her faith. I’m sure that it was a move that required courage, and surely a financial sacrifice. But if she did it because of her beliefs, and she had the conviction to live up to those beliefs, then she acted with integrity and that’s very laudable.

But then there’s this: if your faith dictates that you not participate in modeling lingerie, and in the case of some of the items at Victoria’s Secret, some very provocative lingerie, why did it take two years or more for her to realize that? And even more curious, why did she audition to begin with?

Let me be clear: I don’t mean to knock her for her decision. I really do respect it.

I’m just not sure how someone can want to be a model for a specific company and have that specific job as her “ultimate goal” without seeing before she got the job that it could be a problem at that level.

Many of us, me included, have come to look at things a bit differently over time. And God certainly can show us that our perception about things are a bit skewed as we get closer to Him.  I certainly wouldn’t deny that.  Still, it just seems a little strange to me that if modeling provocative lingerie would be something she’d come to view as “morally unsound,” that she’d ever choose Victoria’s Secret as the place to work to start with.

Anyone else?


  1. Not really. She was a teenager when she won the competition and began that career. A lot of young girls these days grow up with very strange aesthetic values. Consider her change of mind as a sign of maturity, if nothing else. It is also possible that she had certain expectations about her choice of careers, and came to see that reality didn’t meet expectations. It doesn’t seem strange to me.

    1. @MikaSalakka Yeah, I see what you mean.

      I guess I think of it like a person who really wants to be a professional chef, and decides that her dream job and “ultimate goal” is to work in fast food, and then after a few years, realizes that it isn’t the healthiest of foods to prepare.

      I’m just not sure I fully understand why that’d be something that would be hard to see going in.

      But I definitely see your point.

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