‘Most Trusted’ News Title Changes Hands


Back in February, Fox News shocked just about everyone with news of a survey that named it the most trusted source for news.

Fox News, when it’s doing news, isn’t necessarily as biased as its reputation would lead one to believe. The biggest problem with the network is that it does far less news than most people realize: there’s so much opinion, talk and analysis rather than reporting that people tend to mistake opinion for fact.

But a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll paints a different view of who we trust: 32% of people polled cited CNN as the most trusted news network. This flies in the face of ratings showing CNN with a fraction of the prime time audience Fox News has.

Maybe this is a sign that more people are tuning in to Fox News for the spectacle, rather than the information.

Republicans, however, still place Fox News as the most trusted source by a wide margin: half of them say they trust Fox News more.

Among total viewers polled, CNN edged out Fox News by three percentage points. “Other major broadcast networks” ranked third at 13%, The New York Times was 4th and The Wall Street Journal was fifth.

It’s sad to report that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the sixth-most trusted, although only four percent said that’s their top pick.

Which do you prefer for your information? (I truly hope you don’t trust just one, but which do you trust the most?)


  1. If you have to tell your viewers that you’re ‘Fair and Balanced’ – then you’re not.

    I’ve always preferred CNN or MSNBC. I haven’t been a news junkie since I was in the military though.

  2. BBC & Reuters are my preferred news sources. I also try to catch the CBC, Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera radio broadcasts if I think of them. I have no use for the USA broadcasters – they’re all sensationalists (and yes, I did work as a broadcast journalist in my youth; particularly the NBC Radio News Network as a stringer).

  3. I get my news from several sources. I watch the CBS and NBC network news and local news. I read national blogs like the Huffington Post, Firedrake and Politico. I read local blogs like “My Left Nutmeg” (my favorite name for a blog) and the “CT New Juckie”. I also read blogs like “Pam’s House Blend”, “Bilerico Project” and I read the links from my “Friends” on Facebook. In addition, I scan Google News for articles that catch my eye.

    I think that now a days that you have to read more than your local newspaper or watch your local news station. That you have to turn to the new media to get a broader picture, however, you must also be aware of the bias and the sources of the new media. I am more likely to read a blog if they have links to their sources or use reputable writers.

  4. My top choice was, is, and likely will be for a while The New York Times. That’s the number one source for me. They’ve got the best Web site and the best writing out there.

    As far as TV is concerned, my top choice is CNN, but at the same time, I rarely watch TV these days. I do try to catch the Evening News with Katie Couric every now and then. I like the correspondents, like Seth Doane and Steve Hartman, and they’ve got some talents editors as well.

    I’m well aware of the lack of reporting by Fox News, but that could be because I work in the media!

  5. What about those of us who do not get their news from TV at all? Most of my news comes from RSS feeds, local and national. I subscribe to the NYT feeds and check in at CNN sporadically, unless there is breaking news in which case I’m on CNN like white on rice. My husband is usually the one who turns on the TV.

    (sorry, this may not be what you want to hear, this lack of TV news in my life! :-))

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