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A Missing Family


I was reading the story about a young family missing for several days from their quiet town in Mississippi. Michael and Rebecca Hargon, both in their late 20’s and their 4-year-old son, James Patrick, vanished on Valentine’s Day from their home in Vaughan.

Officially, it’s a missing persons case. But police discovered a very disturbing clue: dried blood, shell casings and bullet holes inside their home. Oddly, their home was converted from a convenience store in which Michael’s father was killed during a robbery there. Three men are in prison for that crime.

The most compelling part of the story came in a quote from a neighbor who said, “We don’t worry about locking our doors.” It’s hard for many of us to imagine living in a place where people don’t worry about securing their belongings, although I suspect most of us grew up in such a place.

I feel sad for this family, because the evidence inside the home would seem to suggest that something bad has happened to them. I feel sad for the community, finding itself in the middle of a tragedy that will no doubt traumatize their neighbors for a long time to come. And I feel sorry for America…because we’ve lost one more innocent community in which residents never have to think about locking their doors.

Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.