Ready for the Alphabet Shuffle?


If ABC News is where you get your news, then you may need to grab a program to prepare for the changes on the way.

Yesterday, Diane Sawyer, 63, made her teary farewell to the network’s second-place morning show, Good Morning America. She will likely spend next week reprogramming her own sleeping patterns for her new assignment.

That goodbye was the first in a series of falling dominoes.&nbsp 

Charles Gibson, 66, who became anchor of World News, the Alphabet network’s nightly national newscast following the death of Peter Jennings, the serious injury of Bob Woodward during a story he was taping in Iraq, and the pregnancy of Elizabeth Vargas,&nbsp  is retiring this Friday night. (As to how teary his farewell will be, you’ll just have to tune in to see.)

The following Monday, just in time for Christmas week, Sawyer takes over in that seat, becoming the second woman to anchor a national network newscast solo, going up against third-place CBS and Katie Couric.

This, naturally, leaves Good Morning America with a hole in its talent pool. Chris Cuomo, 39, was expected to take Sawyer’s seat, and there was a lot of speculation that if he didn’t get it, he’d leave ABC. But Cuomo ended up not being the network’s choice.

ABC instead chose George Stephanopoulos, 48, to replace Sawyer on Good Morning America. He starts on Monday.

Cuomo, who became the news anchor of ‘GMA’ in 2006, is also leaving the show, but not the network: he’ll now co-anchor 20/20 with Elizabeth Vargas, who has been without a permanent co-anchor since John Stossel left ABC for Fox News.

Cuomo’s news anchoring duties will be filled by Juju Chang.

That leaves just one, notable empty chair: Stephanopoulos’s moderator position over at This Week, the Sunday morning program he has anchored since 2002.

Sort of.

Stephanopoulos will continue doing both shows “for the time being.”

That’s likely TV talk for “until ABC figures out who to put there”&nbsp or, possibly, “until he gets tired of working six days a week.”

Whichever comes first.

Got it now?

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