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‘Real World Charleston’ May Not Happen After All


Despite an outcry from South Carolinians who created a petition to stop MTV’s Real World Charleston from happening, there may be a bigger reason that the show decided on a different location.

Producers of MTV’s The Real World may not make it to the Holy City of Charleston, South Carolina, after all. An insider with the program told Variety that the next cycle — they insist on calling it a “season” — will happen in San Francisco.

That next edition will be the show’s 29th. San Francisco was the location of the very first edition of the reality show.

If you’re like me, you may wonder why they wouldn’t simply hold off one more cycle and allow its 30th edition to be San Francisco, “where it all began.” It turns out there’s a good reason for that: it’s entirely possible that the 29th edition of The Real World may well be its final edition.

So they better get back to San Francisco while they still can.

Variety reports that the show has suffered from softer ratings than producers and its network would like: in fact, the most recent season, set in Portland, earned less than half of the ratings its visit to Las Vegas did back in 2011. As such, the San Francisco iteration of the series, which is expected to launch in 2014, may be the make-or-break cycle.

The Real World premiered back in 1992. If you do the math, that means the show has been on for 21 years, which I realize is an uncomfortable thought for most of us who distinctly remember what we were doing in 1992 because we were already adults and even out or about to be out of college by then! For a show to have managed to pull of 29 “seasons” in 21 “years” sounds a bit fishy to me.

Of course, a “season” of MTV’s “flagship reality show” — that made me chuckle to type that — isn’t anywhere near as long as a “season” of shows like NCIS or Modern Family.

If the show’s return to San Francisco is enough to spark renewed interest, however, the buzz over rumors of the show hoping to sample shrimp and grits along Charleston’s Battery may well prompt them to reconsider the Palmetto State for its 30th edition.

Your Turn:

Be honest: did you have any idea that show was still even on the air?

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