UPDATED: The Big Chance for the Anchor Shuffle


If I were running CBS, I’d take advantage of the departure of Larry King from his nightly program and make some deals for an anchor shuffle.

The first step would be to finally sign the deal on that long-rumored news gathering partnership between CBS News and CNN. People have been talking about such a possibility for years. Now’s the time.

I’d then work out a deal to take Katie Couric off of The CBS Evening News. She has performed admirably, but the show is still in 3rd place. One of Katie’s strengths, dating back to the Today show on NBC, was interviewing skills, yet she rarely gets the chance to use them unless she goes on “special assignment.” I’d take advantage of that by giving her King’s slot.

Then I’d pull in Anderson Cooper, who is rumored to be frustrated with CNN’s ratings, and put him on the evening news.

I’m not sure that either show would enjoy a major uptick in the ratings right away, but I think both would have the potential for positive results.

What about you? Who would you place in King’s slot? Rumored replacement possibilities, besides Couric and Cooper, include Joy Behar, Piers Morgan, Ryan Seacrest, Dennis Miller, Jeff Probst and Kathy Griffin.

A couple of the names on that list should never be given any more airtime than they already muster, but I’ll leave it to you to determine for yourself about whom I might be speaking.

UPDATE:  CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper says he’s happy at the network and has no plans to leave.  Reports to the contrary, he says, are just “silly gossip” being spread across the internet.  His contract is reportedly up next year.  So we assume he’ll certainly stay put.


  1. I think the Piers Morgan deal is done. He’ll be a decent replacement. He has the journalism chops and a semi-recognizable name. Ryan Seacrest would be disastrous. Could you see him sitting across from Benjamin Netanyahu or Vladimir Putin or even Barack Obama and ask a tough question that didn’t involve Kelly Clarkson or hair gel? Granted, Larry threw softballs but he put he could ask the tough questions and stand behind them. Joy Behar or Kathy Griffin or Stephen Colbert would make a mockery of an already struggling primetime lineup. Katie would be perfect.
    As for her hypothetical replacement… who’s out there that could fill that seat? The CBS up-and-comers are mostly unknowns. Someone like Shepard Smith would do well. He could shake off the stink of Fox News, while bringing some ratings with him. However, his show on FNC probably does better than Katie Couric now, so he probably wouldn’t do it. As it stands now, the audience for the evening newscasts are dwindling. Just like newspapers, they won’t go away, but will have to adapt to survive. Hopefully a deal with CNN would help CBS. Who knows, this is TV we’re talking about, not brain science or rocket surgery! 🙂

  2. Not a fan of Couric, but I really don't watch Larry King much anymore. Anderson Cooper is great, but rumor is that he will replace Regis whenever Reg retires??? CBS will have a hard time finding someone to compete with Brian Williams and my favorite, Diane Sawyer. I am a Diane fan and think she is tops in the business!! There's my opinion!! As always, great blog, Patrick! I have gotten in the habit of reading them daily!

  3. did you hear…CNN is actually thinking about replacing Larry King with….Joy Bahar. Unreal. So what….who cares. LOL

  4. I wouldn't want to see any of them in King's slot. Kathy Griffin is semi funny doing stand up, but no way should she be on this list. How about Steven Colbert!!!!!!

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