My Top 10 Media Posts of 2013


All this week, I’m highlighting the year’s top posts in my key categories on the days those categories are most likely to be featured, and today I present my Top 10 Media Posts of 2013.

Thursday is the day for media and TV-related posts. I went back to Google Analytics to determine the most-viewed posts of the year. I also eliminated any duplicates, so that if one post showed up in more than one category, it would only be listed in the category to which it was most closely connected.

Here’s a list of my top 10 Media-related posts of 2013 according to stats.

1. “Why We Love Lee & Morty Kaufman”

The Kaufmans are the loveable 90-somethings in those Swifter commercials, and to my surprised, this one topped the list in views for media posts. I included an extended video of the Kaufmans in action.

2. “20 Longest-Running Network TV Shows Still On the Air”

I started this year’s television season with a list of the 20 longest-running network shows that haven’t yet received their pink slips. This one, like the post about the Kaufmans, got a lot of search traffic and continues to. Do you know the longest running show on network TV?

3. “The First 2 Canceled TV Shows of the 2013-14 Season”

Just weeks into the new television season, we already had our first two casualties. Remember which ones were the first to go? Here’s a hint: one involved Spandex and a lot of skin.

4. “Canceled TV Shows: 43 Programs That Won’t Be Back”

I wrapped up the 2012-13 season with a list of the 43 programs that were canceled and would therefore not be returning in September.

5. “NBC’s Williams Angry Over ‘Rock Center’ Moves?”

Rumors swirled that NBC News anchor Brian Williams was fuming over the constant moves of his newsmagazine Rock Center. But he may have gotten a chuckle over the fourth show his was rescheduled to make room for. Either way, angry or not, he found a way to give us a chuckle at the end of an episode.

6. “Was the AT&T 9/11 Ad Really That Offensive?”

Some people got seriously bent out of shape over an ad for AT&T. After 11 years, it’s still too soon for some for brands to do anything with 9/11, even if it’s essentially a tasteful ad. I found an example of an ad that I thought was far more offensive than the AT&T ad people blasted.

7. “NTSB Apologizes, Blames Fact Errors on Summer Intern”

When that TV newscast inexplicably listed crew names from the Asiana Flight 214 crash that seemed to be such obvious jokes, the station argued that it had gone through the proper channels to get the names. Then the NTSB did something completely unexpected: it backed up the TV station’s story, admitting that it was the one that made the mistake, thanks to a summer intern. Did you buy that story?

8. “Mike Rowe Takes on Guilt By Association Criticism”

To be honest, Mike Rowe was never really on my radar. I knew him for his work in Dirtiest Jobs, but it wasn’t really a show I wanted to watch. With what he had to say about those who complained that he’d be on Glenn Beck’s TV show, I suddenly liked the guy a lot.

9. “MDA Telethon Becomes a Network Production”

This was the year that the MDA Telethon, which had seen dramatic changes in its format — and most famously, it’s host — over the past few years make another big move: from syndication over individual stations it branded its “Love Network” to ABC.

10. “Fox News vs Reza Aslan and the ‘Embarassing’ Interview”

Why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus Christ? Sure, on the surface, it sounds like a perfectly legitimate question, especially coming from someone who hadn’t done any homework about the particular Muslim in question. But on Fox News, it came off more as an attempt to discredit a Biblical scholar who happened to be Muslim just because.

Your Turn:

What media-related topics did you think were the biggest of the year? Who gained points with you and who lost them in 2013?

Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.