10 Bizarre February Holidays I Won’t Be Celebrating

Every month of the year has its oddball collection of days to commemorate the strangest things. Here are some February holidays you’ll probably skip.

Sure, February is the month in which we either celebrate Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day, depending on your status. But has dozens of additional February holidays you’re probably less familiar with.

Here are 10 I won’t be taking part in.

1. Working Naked Day

The first Friday in February, which in 2019 happens to be the first day of the month, according to, is Working Naked Day, created by a woman who left a corporate job decades ago to begin working from home. It’s not really so much about working naked as much as working from home so that you can work in your bathrobe or pajamas if you wish.

2. Opera Day

February 8th is a day designed to celebrate opera. It’s a worthy cause from a cultural standpoint, I recognize. But opera is not my thing, so I’ll let this one go quietly by.

3. World Marriage Day

The second Sunday of February (in 2019, it’s the 10th), is World Marriage Day. It celebrates everything about marriage and is a great day to propose. Well, you have to have a significant other to propose, unless you are really the gambling type. And I’m not.

4. Get Out Your Guitar Day

My musical ability begins and ends with turning on an iPod. I don’t own a guitar. So my participation in Get Out Your Guitar Day, which falls every February 11th, will obviously be non-existent.

If you own a guitar, strum a few chords for me, will you?

5. Get a Different Name Day

Every February 13th gives you the opportunity to take a new name, though not legally, of course.

“It’s all about getting a fresh start, and that’s what Get A Different Name Day is about!” writes.

Good luck with that.

6. Gumdrop Day

People who love gumdrops should look forward to February 15th every year, which celebrates the chewy treat. Gumdrops just don’t do it for me, so you may have mine.

You’re welcome.

7. Cook a Sweet Potato Day

I truly hate sweet potatoes, so February 22nd, which celebrates the vegetable, means nothing to me. If I had grown up knowing sweet potatoes as “yams,” a more common name up north, I might not mind them. But when my brain hears potato, I think salty, not sweet. So sweet potatoes just taste somehow “wrong” to me.

8. Play Tennis Day

Every February 23rd, tennis players unite (or least have an excuse to) to celebrate their favorite sport. I’ve tried tennis and I can tell you that for me, it is a lot of exercise; but that’s because I end up having to chase down the ball in the next court…or across the street!

9. For Pete’s Sake Day

I include this one not so much because I wouldn’t participate but because it’s just so strange.

This day celebrates a popular example of what the site calls a “minced oath.” That’s an oath in which a potentially-offensive word is removed and substituted with something less offensive.

10. Pokémon Day

Every February 27th, fans of the video game can win treats by playing their favorite game. I’ve never played Pokémon and have honestly never have any desire to try.

That’s my list. Which of these look the most unappealing to you?

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