10 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate in March

Welcome to March!

Do you love peanut butter? If so, the start of March gives you a new reason to stock up. Here’s a list of some offbeat holidays that turn up on the more obscure monthly calendars for our third month of the year.

There are even more suggestions here, here and here.

In fact, there’s almost no end to the possibilities, since nearly everyone has some sort of holiday they want to celebrate and hope others will join them in celebrating.

Here are 10 I might just have to enjoy:

March 1st: National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
Yeah, I love some peanut butter. I prefer the creamy type over crunchy, but with my Collie, I can’t ever expect to have an entire spoon of it to myself. As soon as I leave the kitchen with one, he follows me then sits next to me staring longingly at it. Yeah, I can’t resist those sad eyes of his, and he knows it!

March 2nd: National Old Stuff Day
The hoarder in me immediately was attracted to this day, until Mental_Floss explained that it isn’t about old things you possess, but old routines you should consider changing. Okay, okay, not nearly as fun, but I’m game for a potential change here and there.

March 7th: Learn What Your Name Means Day
Unless your name is completely made up, it likely can be traced back centuries to some sort of meaning. This is the day to see what your name means or how it came about. In my case, Patrick means “noble.” And who am I to argue?

March 9th: National ‘Get Over It’ Day
Scheduled conveniently between Valentine’s Day and April Fools’ Day, this one was designed to help people finally get over their ex or anything else that they haven’t dropped. It’s suggested that if you aren’t sure what you need to “get over,” you should ask your friends what they’re tired of hearing you whine about.

March 11th: National Napping Day
Conveniently enough, this floating day always occurs on the Monday after the weekend in which we “spring forward” and turn our clocks forward one hour. (You have to make up for that hour of lost sleep somewhere, don’t you?)

March 12th: National Alfred Hitchcock Day
March 12th wasn’t Hitch’s birthday, so I have no idea why this particular date got selected to be the one on which we remember the legendary director known as the “Master of Suspense,” but I will happily grab my DVD of Psycho or Vertigo and view in his honor that day.

March 23rd: National Corn Dog Day
My doctor will be pleased to know that I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a corn dog. However, this little “holiday,” which occurs on the Saturday of the final 32 teams in the NCAA tournament, the “one day a year that a quadruple-header of tournament action is broadcast live nationally.” I think I’ll skip basketball and have a corn dog instead.

March 25th: Waffle Day
This day, I might have to travel to a local restaurant whose specialty is Chicken and Waffles. Yes, if you aren’t from the south, it probably sounds like a strange combination. And it is. It works, however, because there’s syrup on the waffle and honey mustard on the boneless fried chicken breast that accompanies it. Sweet and sour, baked and fried, side by side. Ah, yes…it’s what’s for dinner.

March 26th: National Puppy Day
Who doesn’t love puppies? Especially when they’re as cute as this little guy.

March 26th: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Though I’d hate to compete with puppies, if we’re encouraged to make up our own, I formally submit for your approval, “Patrick’s Place Day.” Mark your calendars and proceed accordingly.

Are there any unusual holidays you’re planning on celebrating this month?


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