10 of My Weird Food Quirks

We all have our little quirks when it comes to the foods we eat and foods we’d never consider eating. So here, just for fun, are 10 food quirks about me.

I suppose I’d be what many might consider a finicky eater. For a while when I was young, it was a struggle for my parents to get me to eat much of anything. But some 40 years later, my bathroom scale reminds me, anytime I’m brave enough to step onto it, that those days are long-since gone.

But here are some interesting food facts about me. I’d love to know some of yours, so share them in the comments!

1. As far as I know, I only have one food allergy.

It may not be a true allergy. It may be a case of “cross-reactivity” rather than a true food allergy, but in my case, the culprit is the tomato. When I’ve eaten raw tomatoes, I’ve experienced a tingling and itchiness in my mouth. Cooked tomatoes, fortunately, don’t have the same effect, so foods like lasagne, spaghetti and pizza — and even fried green tomatoes — aren’t an issue. But if I’m ordering a burger or having a salad, tomatoes are not an option.

2. Buffalo Wings? No, thanks.

I’m not a fan of overly-spicy foods. So if we go to a wing place, you can expect me to order a basket of teryaki wings rather than Buffalo-style.

3. Olive oil is okay, but olives are not.

I’ve cooked with olive oil before after learning it’s considered quite healthy. I’ve even drizzled it over salads before. But olive oil can be light enough that you don’t get the overpowering flavor of the olive, which I absolutely hate. Green or black, it doesn’t matter. Olives just don’t do it for me.

4. I took my first bite of what became a favorite dessert because of bribery!

For years when I was a kid, I refused to eat carrot cake. I wouldn’t even try it. And it was all because of the name: who’d want a cake that tasted like carrots? My parents and I were having dinner at a restaurant when I was probably about 12 or so and my mom, knowing I’d like carrot cake if I would just get over the name, told me that if I tried it and didn’t like it, she’d give me $5. Well, that was enough to get me past the unappetizing monicker for that first bite. And I’ve liked it ever since!

5. If you’re serving cheesecake, hold the toppings, please.

When it comes to cheesecake, I’m a purist. Cheesecake is one of those things that’s just too good the way it is. I don’t care for strawberries or blueberries or chocolate on my cheesecake. I’m a big fan of just simple plain old New York Cheesecake.

6. I hate cold deli sandwiches.

At the risk of sounding like a food snob, I’m not a fan of cold sandwiches. I was fortunate in that my mom always made sure there was a hot meal, even when it came to sandwiches. If I’m in a deli, I don’t mind grilled chicken or something like that, but just cold deli meat doesn’t do it for me.

7. Sweet tea? Only if brewed that way.

Here in the south, iced tea is considered our “house wine.” But in the south, that tea must be sweetened. Preferably with sugar. I’ve been to less “southernized” restaurants that think it’s perfectly acceptable to make sweet tea by using sugar, Equal or Splenda in a glass of unsweetened iced tea. They lie. It doesn’t work and it’s not the same. In restaurants that don’t sweeten their tea as they’re making it, a Diet Coke is fine with me.

8. I’m not a huge fan of omelettes.

I’ve had a few omelettes that I thought were good. But the more ingredients that get added, the less appetizing it becomes. And if there’s a heavy smell of onions in the air when I first wake up, I get nauseated; my stomach likes to “ease” into the day, so the more complicated the breakfast, the more shaky my gut will be for much of the day.

9. I like my steaks medium rare…and that shouldn’t mean ‘burnt.’

For me, the perfect steak has a nice pink to red center. Too much cooking kills the flavor, but too little cooking makes it unappetizing to me. In some restaurants, I actually have to specify “no burned spots” on the ribeye, even when I order it medium rare. Meat that’s burned is potentially unhealthy, and when you’re “lightly” cooking a steak that’s supposed to wind up medium rare, there shouldn’t be any burned parts.

10. No raw seafood ever.

Living in a place like Charleston, it might be assumed I’d be attending every oyster-shucking festival I could find. I hate oysters and I’ve tried them steamed, fried and stewed. I’d never even attempt eating a raw oyster or any other form of seafood. (I like some sushi, but only when everything is actually cooked.)

That’s my list…what food quirks do you have?

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