10 Offbeat Holidays for February

There’s always Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for something to celebrate in the year’s shortest month, but if you don’t have a significant other to take to dinner, you might feel left out. (I don’t: I usually go dine alone in a nicer restaurant: since I am alone rather than paying for a date’s meal, I can afford a little nicer meal for myself.)

But Valentine’s Day is only one day worth celebrating.

Here are a few other, albeit lesser-known, options:

1. National Weatherman’s Day — Feb. 5th
Yeah, they’re the guys everyone loves to hate, and the guys who constantly get picked on because they are unable to perfectly predict something as generally uncertain as weather. This particular day was selected because it was the birthday in 1744 of America’s first weather records keeper.

2. National Pancake Day — February 5th
A day to celebrate pancakes? Oh, yes, I’m in. IHOP raises money every year by offering guests a free short stack of Buttermilk pancakes and then asking them to consider a donation for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other local charities. I don’t know how many pancakes constitute a “short stack,” but pancakes are pancakes!

3. Send a Card to a Friend Day — Feb. 7th
A day probably invented by the greeting card industry, this one is a reminder of the importance of keeping in touch with those who mean something to you. You can always send an “eCard” if a paper card takes too much effort. Then again, if sending a paper card is “too much effort” for you, you might want to reconsider your priorities.

4. National Read in the Bathtub Day — Feb. 9th
I don’t anticipate celebrating this one myself, but it’s an interesting idea. It’s also a frightening one, since most of my reading these days is done on an iPad. Water and iPads, I’m told, don’t play nicely together. Govern yourselves accordingly.

5. Clean Out Your Computer Day — Second Monday of February
I’ve been working to clean out my email inbox: that’s a task in and of itself. Do you have files or apps that you no longer need? Why not recycle that hard disk space? Maybe you can download and install all new programs to forget about later. That way you’ll have something to delete next year!

6. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day — February 11th
No, this one doesn’t require you to waste your favorite dairy product: rather, it’s a day for you to accentuate the positive, embrace optimism and maintain a bright outlook on the future.

7. Do a Grouch a Favor Day — February 16th
You have to love a day that is designed to make a grouch angry in a good way. I just wouldn’t expect a lot of gratitude for your nice act. If gratitude is what you’re craving, you might want to hold off until the following day.

8. Random Acts of Kindness Day — February 17th
Are you engaging in random acts of kindness this year? If that‘s your goal, at least make sure you perform one on this particular day!

9. Love Your Pets Day — February 20th
Research has shown that spending time with a loving pet can lower your blood pressure. Spend some extra time with your best four-legged friend, or consider adopting one that needs a home.

10. No-Brainer Day — February 27th
I already like this day from the name alone. As you might have guessed, this is a day that is meant to give you a break from any mental heavy lifting. The problem is that this year, it falls in the middle of a workweek, so you might want to make sure your boss approves your day of non-thinking first.

As to my Valentine’s Day strategy, I suppose I should postpone my dinner to February 15th, which is known as “Singles Awareness Day.” Then again, I’m aware that I’m single on the 14th, so I see no reason not to have a nice dinner.

Leap Day, of course, made an appearance last year, which means you’ll have to wait until 2016 to experience the next February 29th.

Here’s a list of more holidays for February. Which ones are you likely to celebrate?


  1. Hi Patrick, This is a fun list of holidays! I like Read in the Bathtub Day, especially. I use a Kindle but I put a Ziplock bag over it when I use it around water. 
    Thanks for sharing these great holidays.

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