2 Coca Cola Products I Doubt I’ll Be Trying

Coca Cola is introducing two products, both of which are older ideas. But as much as I love my Coke, I don’t have any plans to try either any time soon.

I’ve always been a Coca Cola guy. If you see me walking around with a Pepsi anything, it’s because someone’s run out of their Coke supply.

The first involves a clever tie-in for a streaming television series that required resurrecting an old recipe. The second is a new product that repeats another failed idea.

Coca Cola brings back ‘New Coke’

I’m old enough to remember this one. And it comes back to me now with a sense of dread.

It was 1985 when someone had the idea that the old Coca Cola formula was somehow outmoded and that the recipe needed a makeover.

They were wrong.

The New Coke that hit the shelves failed to wow enough people. In just 74 days, which in 1985 seemed like an eternity for those of us who loved the original (and still do), the original returned. For a time, it was known as Coca Cola Classic.

But the Netflix series Stranger Things, which is set in the 1980s, prompted a new idea: What if the company could resurrect the old “new” formula even for a limited time as part of a promotional tie-in?

That’s just what they’ve done. A limited quantity of the “updated” formula was made available. Food& has the story here.

I’ll say this about the whole New Coke debut: It accomplished one good thing. It helped people realize just how much they loved the original. In an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” way, it did boost sales of the original formula after that 74-day “dark period.”

I remember the New Coke as being much closer to Pepsi. It seemed to me to a little sweeter and a little flatter than the “crisper” taste the original had.

So I’ll let the new generation experience that old New Coke. I’ll stick with the original. (And my Diet Coke, which I prefer even to the regular variety.)

Coca Cola with Coffee? Say it ain’t so!

The second product making its debut is based on an experiment that fizzled years ago, albeit nowhere near as many years ago.


Coca Cola has been introducing “Coca Cola with Coffee,” also known as “Coca Cola Plus Coffee” in international markets, CNN reported.

The company hasn’t officially committed to bringing it to the United States, but back in 2008, it introduced “Coca Cola Blak,” a coffee-infused version of the soft drink. Customers were largely non-enthusiastic about it and after two years, it disappeared.

But response of the new formula, which is said to contain more coffee than the last attempt and more caffeine than regular Coke, has been largely positive.

That’s a good sign it could show up on U.S. store shelves.

I love my coffee.

I love my Coca Cola.

I don’t think I’d love the two in the same beverage.

Aside from that, caffeine doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on me anyway. At the end of a long day, I can brew up myself a large mug of coffee, sit in the easy chair and doze while watching TV. And while drinking that coffee!

So I think I’ll skip that one.

Are you looking forward to trying either one?

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