A New (Old) Computer


I’d been contemplating this for a while…and I finally took the plunge. I purchased a laptop computer so that I could take my novel — or at least parts of it at a time — along with me so that I’d have less of an excuse for not writing when the mood happened to hit me. (Like many others, I get my best ideas when I’m away from the computer…and keeping those little notepads around just drive me crazy!)

So I found an older Mac Powerbook (you didn’t really think I’d get a PC, did you?!?) online and bought it. So far, I’ve already revised one chapter almost completely…more on that this weekend with my weekly writing update. For some reason, I find it easier to revise on the screen rather than on paper. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s that “instant gratification” that comes with immediate changes on the “virtual page.”

I’m also reminding myself of how much I spent on it as an incentive to make good use of it. It’s not a top-of-the-line model by any means, but it’s as powerful as I’ll need for its purpose; I intentionally avoided getting one that could play DVDs out of fear that I’d use it for nothing more than a portable theater. It is internet compatible, but with a slower processor speed, so I’ll likely not waste time trying to access E-mail with it. It’s just powerful enough that I should be able to install Mac OS X on it to replace the Mac 9.22 it’s currently running. Even if I don’t, I’ve already learned how to link it to my regular computer and transfer (newly-edited) files from one to the other.

And they say we Mac types can’t figure out how to do such things! Bah!

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  1. I love my MAC pro. I use it at work. I take it everywhere. I’m not writing a novel however. That kind of effort requires patience, organization, oh, and the kinds of smarts I do not possess. Best of luck.

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