A Simple Idea That’ll Probably Make Millions

Consider the plastic Coke bottle. If you had to completely revolutionize the design to make it more economical to ship and to take up less space when it was time to recycle it, how would your design look?

It might look like what Andrew Kim came up with: a squared design that packs the same amount of product into a four-sided vessel that takes up less space in shipping and can collapse like an accordion when empty to take up less space in a recycling bin (or landfill for those still too stubborn to recycle).

There’s no word, yet, on whether Coke will actually buy the design, but if it can be proven to their satisfaction that this reinvented wheel will save money, you can bet we’ll be drinking from squared off bottles some day in the future.

Wish I had thought of that.


  1. I thought I had seen somewhere that the cans and bottles are round to withstand the internal pressure from carbonated drinks, and that the corners of squared-off containers weren’t strong enough. Maybe they surpassed that?

    1. It seems to me that they’d have at least as big a problem with the “collapsible” part, too. I guess that’s why we don’t already have square bottles!

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