Alleged TSA Groper’s Curious Hero Status

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The woman who allegedly groped a female TSA agent is being hailed a hero by frustrated airline customers who believe she did what she’s accused of doing.

The incident happened last Thursday at Phoenix International Airport, according to police. They say a woman resisted going through airport screening and argued with officers.

In a post-9/11 world, refusing to go through screening ought to be enough to have her escorted out of the airport completely. But police say she then grabbed the left breast of a TSA agent Barbara O’Toole, “squeezing and twisting it with both hands without the victim’s permission.”

But there’s a pretty nasty double standard that is so obvious to anyone who looks at the situation with even a modicum of objectivity that I’m amazed that otherwise-intelligent people wouldn’t see it.

TSA agents are performing a specific function designed to help ensure airline passenger safety. While there are certainly those who complain that the TSA goes entirely too far, there is a legitimate reason for the security measures.

Even if you believe the TSA is taking it too far, there’s still a clear goal involved here. It’s not like the TSA agents are trying to cop a free feel for some kind of personal satisfaction. Your family physician doesn’t tell a man to turn his head and cough because he wants to get his jollies.

But if the charges are true, this woman wasn’t behaving out of a legitimate, safety-centered reason. She was acting out of anger and a desire for some sort of revenge. She wasn’t trying to make anyone safe, but rather to hurt someone else.

Her wrong was far more egregious than any presumed wrong the TSA agent might have performed as part of a routine safety check.

And if she actually did what she’s accused of doing, not only is she no better than her view of the TSA agent she assaulted, but she’s actually worse.

That’s not my definition of a hero.

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  • I’m not sure what’s worse – that someone tried to mow down a woman who “looked” like Casey Anthony (I posted something about that) or if this nut ball woman assaulted a TSA officer. This is a really disgusting reaction to security measures.

    I remember hearing about the body scans some airports now have, where the traveler may as well be naked. When I did a little research, though, the scan is seen by an officer who is in another room, who cannot see the person scanned and just gives the officer running the actual scanner the thumbs up or down to let the traveler through. Those who don’t want the scan can opt for the pat down but there really aren’t any surprises there. Or does this woman never travel and keeps her head in the sand as to what airports do. It’s not as if this policy hasn’t been in place for quite some time.

    And people APPLAUD this? Who in their right minds would consider assaulting a TSA officer to make a point that he/she finds the process offensive? Why not write to Homeland Security, your Congressman, the airport? Why actually lay your hands on the person who has the unpleasant job of dealing with your sorry butt?

    I realise it is no longer flying the “friendly” skies, but really, who is to blame for that? Not the average traveler, true, but the terrorists. Be angry with them. The TSA is there to protect US, the citizens, visitors, vacationers, etc. They aren’t doing anything to us, they’re just doing their jobs, which is all about protection. I personally think that is worth it. Better that than to lose my life because I didn’t want to drive to Montana (and let’s not get into the overseas aspect)…

    I am appalled (which should be an option on the “I am feeling” scale, but I opted for angry, since that applies, as well) that anyone should do that. Truly appalled. It is really sickening – and to think that anyone would find this laudable is disgusting as well.

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